College Prep là một ngôi nhà cho những ý tưởng, khám phá và tham gia - theo đuổi trí tuệ mà sinh viên của chúng tôi trân trọng. Các dịch vụ học tập của chúng tôi nổi lên bởi văn hóa ấm áp và vị trí đầy cảm hứng của chúng tôi tiếp giáp với thành phố, nép mình trong một khuôn viên thung lũng xanh tươi.
College Prep’s daily schedule reflects the School’s commitment to high academic standards and an awareness that students thrive in a nurturing and spirited community. Students and faculty members are encouraged to take risks, express themselves, and appreciate the perspectives of others. College Prep’s block schedule features 75 minute classes that meet five times over a two-week period. Time is also designated for inclusive, ungraded, and exploratory learning opportunities and community building.

Sample ninth grade schedule

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    College Prep is on a semester system. Students receive progress reports at the midterm; semester grades and grade reports are provided at the end of each semester. In order to give our newest students time to adjust to high school, the final grade for each yearlong ninth grade course is given at the end of the year rather than at the semester break. All grade reports feature teachers’ observations and guidance, both of which are individualized for each student, as well as letter grades. 

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    : Minimum requirement is 2 years
    English: Minimum requirement is 4 years (English I, English II, English Seminars)
    History: Minimum requirement is 3 years (Asian Worlds, The Atlantic World, The U.S. and the World)
    Math: Minimum requirement is through Level 3
    Science: Minimum requirement is 3 years (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
    World Language: Minimum requirement is through Level III

    Connections and Advisory Program (CAP): 9th Grade
    Wellness and Decision Making: 10th Grade
    Life Prep: 11th and 12th Grades
    Recreation, Health, and Fitness (RHF): 3 years or 4 seasons of sports, or 3 years of dance
    Intraterm: 4 years

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