Recreation, Health, and Fitness (RHF)

The Recreation, Health, and Fitness (RHF) program encourages students to make fitness a lifelong goal and to seek activities that are both fun and physically rewarding.
RHF students attend either activity-based classes, where physical movement is emphasized, or information-based classes, which teach behaviors and decision-making around health and fitness. Activity-based classes include yoga, weight training, badminton, intramural sports, hiking, and more. Information-based class topics include nutrition, sports medicine, and injury prevention. RHF classes are partially self-scheduled, allowing students to take ownership of their fitness goals while maintaining flexibility in their schedule.

Six semesters of athletics credit are required for graduation. Credits may be earned through participation in:
  • Team sports (1.5 credits per season)
  • Recreation, Health, and Fitness classes (1 credit
    per semester)
  • Dance classes (1 credit per semester)
Students participating in outdoor athletic activities may also earn credits through the Outside Activities and Recreation (OAR) program. Tenth through twelfth grade students are eligible to enroll in the OAR Program, as well ninth graders who successfully complete one semester of RHF or one season of sport.

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