College Prep appreciates your philanthropic support. All gifts, small and large, truly make a difference to our students and teachers.
The College Prep Annual Fund is the core of our fundraising program. Annual gifts support the current school year’s operations and all aspects of school life including  curriculum development, the athletics program, arts instruction and materials, and our many vibrant co-curricular activities. Your generosity helps fulfill our mission to educate young people in a kind, creative, diverse, and joyful community.
The College Prep community keeps our school strong through support of The College Prep Annual Fund, the umbrella for the: Parents' Annual Fund, Alumni Annual Fund, Alumni Parents' Annual Fund, and Friends' Annual Fund. Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions about College Prep's Annual Fund, please contact Ingrid Ray, Associate Director of Development/Director of Annual Giving: 510.420.2353 or

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  • Recognition Levels

    College Prep appreciates all gifts. Leadership gifts include donations of $2,500 and above.

    $25,000 and above                Mary Harley Jenks Association
    College Prep’s founder led by example; her vision, commitment, and deep belief in intellectual talent as a force for good continue to shape our school today.

    $15,000-$24,999                     Scholars Association 
    The delight of learning: a life of the mind and the heart, scholarship through risk-taking and reflection.

    $10,000-$14,999                     Heritage Association 
    From our beginnings in the Little Yellow House to shingled buildings nestled in our verdant campus, we celebrate Mens Conscia Recti—a mind aware of what is right.

    $5,000-$9,999                         Friendship Association 
    College Prep friendships—between students, between students and faculty, between families—last a lifetime.

    $2,500-$4,999                         1960 Association
    First day of school for College Prep: thirty-three students and four teachers blaze the trail, adventurous and determined.

    up to $2,499                         Community Circle 
    Rings of engagement: within the school, with our neighbors, with the world.

    Consecutive Giving                Ruth Willis Society
    We honor co-founder Ruth Willis’s loyalty, moral courage, and hard work with this society recognizing donors who have given for three or more consecutive years.

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  • Photo of Joy Kruger

    Joy Kruger 

    Giám đốc thăng tiến
    510.652.0111 x263
  • Ảnh của Ingrid Ray

    Tia Ingrid Ray 

    Assistant Director of Advancement / Director of Annual Giving
    510.652.0111 x253
  • Photo of Cindy Cesca Yoshiyama

    Cindy Cesca Yoshiyama 

    Giám đốc Quan hệ Cựu sinh viên
    510.652.0111 x266
  • Photo of Melody Ferris

    Melody Ferris 

    Advancement Manager
  • Ảnh của Eme Akpabio

    Eme Akpabio (Eme Akpabio)

    Quản lý cơ sở dữ liệu phát triển
    510.652.0111 x237
  • Ảnh của Polly Lockman

    Polly Lockman (Người khóa Polly)

    Giám đốc Truyền thông
    510.652.0111 x251
  • Photo of Addie McDowell

    Addie McDowell 12

    Assistant Director of Communications
    510.652.0111 x250

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