People of Color Conference

Ten members of our faculty attended the 2022 National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference in San Antonio, TX in December. Our faculty joined more than 7,800 adults and students from independent schools across the country gathered to learn, collaborate, and support one another. The conference is an opportunity for connection and professional development with independent schools across the country who share our commitment to building equity and belonging through teaching and learning. This year's theme is Reunited in Purpose: Elevating our Worth, our Agency, and our Excellence.

Math Teacher, Cliff Kao, reflected "While there is value in creating affinity groups and understanding shared cultural environments, it is essential that we keep in mind that people, even those within the most apparently homogenous communities, can have vastly different experiences, conditioning, and outlooks on life. Only through empathy, patience, listening, and our most diligent efforts at understanding one another can we hope to co-exist and flourish on this planet we all call home."
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