Modern Middle Eastern History

This course examines the contemporary history of the Middle East, beginning with the fall of the Ottoman Empire and continuing through European colonization, decolonization, the Cold War, and contemporary developments up to the Arab Uprisings. The focus is largely on ideological movements, including nation-state nationalisms, Arab nationalism, Islamist politics, and various leftist ideologies. Students grapple with the political nature of the region’s written history and try to make sense of contradictory historical narratives. The class engages in simulations, such as trying to redraw the post WWI borders of the Middle East, negotiating oil concessions, and reworking the Oslo Accords.
Past STOak research topics and community partners include:
  • Oakland Mayor’s Office of Community Engagement Working to support community initiatives during COVID-19
  • South Asian Girls Project Launching a new organization supporting girls of South Asian heritage in the Bay Area
  • Destiny Arts An arts education non-profit whose mission is violence prevention and community building
  • Alliance for Girls An umbrella organization that works with other non-profits and government agencies that support girls
  • Urban Strategies Council Research and advocacy, especially in criminal justice system reform
  • Oakland City Administrators Office Working alongside City officials, primarily on issues of homelessness
  • Alameda County Supervisor Working alongside the Supervisor, focusing on issues of illegal dumping and racial justice
  • East Bay Sanctuary Covenant Supporting asylum seekers and refugees in their application process to the US
  • Assemblymember Office Supporting community engagement and meetings
  • Everyone Home A nonprofit focusing on ending homelessness through research and funding of community organizations
  • California Youth Connection Supporting work with California foster youth and organizing a major annual meetup
  • Bay Area Regional Health Inequalities Initiative Working with Bay Area public health departments to understand and take action on health disparities
  • Save the Bay Working with public programs to raise awareness about environmental issues impacting Bay and public health

mens conscia recti

a mind aware of what is right