Name: Anna
Graduation Year: 2022
Middle School: Redwood Day
Hometown: Oakland
What's the biggest difference between middle school and high school? Honestly? I would say the average height. Some upperclassmen truly look like grown adults (which can initially be intimidating), while the everyday middle schooler hasn't quite sprouted yet. 
Why are you glad that you chose College Prep? The idea of being surrounded by people who love to learn as much I do really enticed me.
What advice do you have for 8th graders applying to high school? Relax!! Understand that you'll have a great time wherever you end up, and also remember to be authentically yourself. Not only are you trying to impress the school, but the school is also trying to impress you. Ask any questions that you have and get the most out of every opportunity to learn about where you are applying.
What campus activities are you involved in? During my freshman year, I played for the Women's Soccer team and participated in a couple of clubs. I really enjoyed my time as a member of CATfood (which stands for the Community Action Team with a focus on food justice), and I also participated in Girls Who Code. In my sophomore year, I have been a member of  Women's Shelter and the Partners program in an attempt to have more of an impact on our greater community. I also lead a poetry club of sorts on campus! I have found that clubs are a great way to explore new things without investing a huge amount of time and energy. Even those like Pancake Club can really enhance the College Prep experience. Oh- and of course, one must not forget being an Admissions Ambassador! I absolutely love assuming this role in the CPS community.
What is your favorite College Prep memory? Every now and then, Dean Chabon blasts some really good music in the courtyard during breaks and passing periods. People start dancing, some even break into song or a fully choreographed routine. It lightens the mood a lot; I love those moments.
What is your favorite place on campus? I find that the benches on the music lawn offer the perfect amount of sunlight and quiet and are close enough to the campus hubs that their users won’t miss out on social interaction and engagement with the hustle and bustle of the CPS community:) 
What has been your favorite class? My favorite class of freshman year was probably Asian Worlds (though I thoroughly enjoyed all of the others as well). I loved learning about the economic effects of various historical events as well as understanding how to analyze the past in a nuanced way. Prior to this experience, I had never learned about history so holistically, and the class brought me lots of new insights about the world. In fairness, however, it is exceedingly hard to answer this question. I’m not sure I could select a single favorite class thus far Sophomore year! 
What has been the best thing about College Prep? I am consistently so enthused by my incredibly bright and insightful peers, and I think that the school fosters a unique academic environment. Everyone is so engaged and excited to learn new things and people LOVE to contribute to class discussions. 
Who is your favorite character from a movie/book/television series? Probably Jay Gatsby. There is something so compelling about his character. He is both immensely sympathetic and beyond cruel. This duality is so fascinating and confusing and exciting that I never really know how to feel about him. 
Three unusual things about me:
1. For a good five years of my life (and kind of still now) I wanted to be a molecular gastronomist. In fact, at my fifth grade graduation we had to introduce the student who would be receiving the diploma after us. We said their names and what they wanted to be when they grew up. This poor little ten year old boy in front of me went up on stage and stumbled through the words, "Next is Anna. She wants to be a professional soccer player or a mo-mol-molecular gatrometer." He clearly wasn't spot on with the wording, but in all fairness, I dealt him a difficult hand. 
2. My name is Anna but bananas are one of my least favorite foods much to peoples' surprise. 
3. I once almost had to get emergency surgery on my pinky finger because I jammed it during a basketball game and the fingernail itself got shoved down into my growth plate. It's my claim to fame.

mens conscia recti

a mind aware of what is right