The Hill Project

College Prep’s simple shingled buildings and inviting landscape hold and shape the School, creating a unique learning environment.
When we moved from Claremont Avenue to our current site on Broadway in 1982, past leaders ingeniously employed decommissioned portable buildings, bought at auction from the Oakland Unified School District, to create much of the campus. Thirty-eight years later, the remaining portable structures are close to end-of-use. 

Six years ago, with the Strategic Plan as its guide, College Prep commissioned a campus master plan to better understand the condition of our structures. This assessment made clear how to create and use space in ways that best support our distinctive program. In September 2017, the Board of Trustees determined that the School’s most critical need was to replace the aging buildings on the east side of the main courtyard with larger, more functional classrooms and student gathering spaces. The Hill Project was launched, along with ambitious philanthropic funding goals. 

The estimated budget for The Hill Project is $21 million: $17 million in hard costs and $4 million in soft costs, far more than the School has raised in past campaigns. The designated philanthropic gifts received during the quiet phase of the Campaign cover the cost of a significant amount of the project, enabling us to commence construction in June 2020. We are deeply grateful to those who have already made gifts to The Campaign for College Prep and invite all members of our community to support College Prep’s people, place, and purpose.
For more information please contact:
Sara Sackner, Director of Advancement / 510.420.2352
    • Installation of the J, K, and L portables, already 40 years old in 1982.

    • Founder Mary Harley Jenks and Head of School Robert Baldwin, Jr., participate in breaking ground at the new campus.

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