Our Students: Access & Affordability
Equity of access to a College Prep education is essential to excellence. We know that high school is a time of exploring new ideas and perspectives, broadening understandings and skills, and grappling with one’s place in a pluralistic society. The composition of our community becomes a critical part of how and what our students learn.

Our goal is to
admit students based on their talents, curiosities, character, and aspirations, and then to ensure that they are fully supported. With its current resources, College Prep is able to assist nearly a quarter of its students, with grants ranging from $8,000 to more than $44,000. In addition, families also receive help with supplemental expenses, such as books and computers. Financial aid is given based on individual family resources, and is given in the form of grants that do not need to be repaid. 
At College Prep, I’ve felt challenged, exhausted, loved, supported, confident, terrified, and joyful, sometimes all within the same week. I’ve met friends who inspire me daily to work harder, to care for myself and others, and think differently about the world. I’m incredibly grateful for the experiences I’ve had at College Prep."
The opportunity to attend College Prep is often a life-changing experience. A robust financial aid program is imperative to ensure that students who would be well served by College Prep can attend, and for our School to reach its full potential as a diverse and inclusive community of learners. While College Prep has made tangible progress on this front, we must do even better by building our endowment for financial aid.

mens conscia recti

a mind aware of what is right