The Campaign for College Prep

Our Faculty: Recruitment & Retention
For almost 60 years, generations of College Prep students have been guided and mentored by top-notch educators with mastery of their subjects and a passion for teaching and learning. By building our endowment in support of faculty, we can continue to foster strong and lasting relationships between our students and teachers.

As many of our long-standing teachers reach retirement age, we must compete effectively with peer schools across the country for the next generation of signature faculty and staff—exceptional professionals who are as diverse in their backgrounds as our students.
I love being a teacher at College Prep because I get to bring my subject expertise to the teaching and learning space, share it with the students, and then wait... wait for the nugget to grow and expand in new and unforeseen directions, right before my eyes."
We must also address the Bay Area’s high cost of housing and living through compensation and other strategies. And, once part of our community, we must offer significant professional development opportunities to help our teachers to continue to grow and thrive. Our faculty is the heart of our program, in and out of the classroom. Gifts to the College Prep Endowment in support of faculty ensure that our legacy of excellent, caring teachers continues for generations to come.

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a mind aware of what is right