LGBTQIA+ Students Celebrate Gaypril

This April, students in our Gender and Sexuality Awareness club are celebrating Gaypril! During Gaypril, students organize events to raise awareness and educate others about issues impacting LGBTQIA+ students on our own campus and within the greater community. Students celebrated Day of Queer Voices--a day to center and uplift Queer people on our campus by creating posters and sharing in affinity spaces. Some students participated in Day of Silence: a day created by student activists to bring attention to the bullying and harassment of LGBTQIA+ students. This form of protest is in solidarity with those who are too often silenced by their communities. 

Below are some resources that our GSA leaders shared with our community throughout the month. Take a look at these articles from the New York Times, the ACLU, and VOX

In addition to hosting activities and events during Gaypril, GSA leaders and members are raising money for the Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to providing counsel, education, and advocacy for LGBTQIA+ youth. 

Join our students in celebrating Gaypril by educating yourself and raising awareness about issues impacting Queer, Trans and LGBTQIA+ people.
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