The xLab is College Prep’s flexible and collaborative space for hands-on learning, innovation, and interdisciplinary exploration through design, experimentation, and fabrication.
In the xLab, students learn about design, robotics, electronics, and modeling through iterative creation. The xLab’s suite of tools are available for class projects related to curriculum, as well as club projects.

Examples of xLab projects include:
  • A Chemistry class filming stop-motion animations of chemical systems using lasercut or 3D printed pieces and dry erase walls
  • A visual arts class, Nexus, investigating the intersection of art, design, and technology by using 3D printers, sewing machines, and the laser cutter
  • English seminar students working on a creative project, like bookmaking, shadow boxes, or models
  • The Innovative Tech Student Crew (ITS) collaborating with teachers on projects that benefit the school community such as how-to guides, tutorials, workshops, screencasts, and testing new systems
  • Electronics, Engineering, and Design class testing light- and motion-activated model train crossing systems
  • Sinh viên chế tạo máy bay không người lái, tạo đồ trang sức bằng laser và máy in 3D hoặc hội thảo hàng đầu về phần mềm mô hình hóa 3D

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