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All students receive identical MacBook Pro computers with common software as part of College Prep’s 1:1 laptop program. This standard set of software and hardware facilitates communication, enables collaboration in and beyond the classroom, offers school-provided technical support, and ensures technology equity for all students.


List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • What are the hardware specifications of laptops issued to students?

    The laptops are Apple MacBook Pros 13-inch, 2.0GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, Intel Iris Graphics 540, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, 2 USB-C ports, 720p Facetime HD Camera
  • What software is included on the laptops?

    The laptops are equipped with a wealth of useful applications. These include Microsoft Office 2016, SMARTBoard software, iWork and iLife suites, Adobe Creative Suite, Firefox, Google Chrome, Audacity and LAME mp3 encoder, VLC, JMP and Logger Pro. Note: There may be additional software that we encourage students to install and use to enhance their learning experience.
  • Who owns the laptops?

    The College Preparatory School buys the computers, taking advantage of bulk hardware purchases as well as bulk software licensing opportunities. Families pay an annual "Technology Fee" for the use of the computer during the student's four year period at College Prep. When the student graduates, the computer belongs to the student.
  • Why is it required to insure the student laptop?

    All student laptops are already covered by AppleCare, but this warranty only covers manufacturer defects and normal wear and tear of the laptop. All other major repair or replacement costs not covered by AppleCare are the family's responsibility.

    In case of accidental damage such as liquid spills, drops, theft, vandalism, fire, etc., as well as damage to or loss of batteries, power adapters and laptop cases, we require families to select one of 3 insurance options: Safeware insurance through the school, adding the device to a homeowner's/renters insurance policy, or self-insuring. 
  • What are the insurance options for the student laptops?

    There are 3 Insurance Options:

    1. Purchase Laptop Insurance: Safeware Insurance Agency is the nation's largest
 provider of specialized insurance programs, designed to meet the demands of
 computer, electronics, and high-tech equipment owners. Yearly premiums run approximately $135.00 per year with a $0 deductible. It does not cover damage from neglect or abuse. More information on the Safeware laptop insurance can be found at
    2. Add to Homeowner’s / Renter’s Insurance: Another option would be to purchase a
 rider to include the student laptop in the families’ Homeowner’s policy. Most 
Homeowner’s insurance policies have a “Content Replacement” coverage that covers damage or loss for items within the household. This rider could be purchased to cover the student laptop. There may be exclusions for coverage depending on the policy. 
    3. Self-Insurance: A family could decide to waive the options for additional insurance, realizing that they will have to incur the full replacement cost if the laptop is lost, stolen, or damaged in a way that AppleCare will not cover. This choice is not recommended.
  • How do the students back up the data on their laptops?

    Every student with a laptop has been issued a USB external hard drive to use for backing up their data. The user generated data on the laptop is the sole responsibility of the student to manage. Backups are completed using the Apple "Time Machine" backup utility. Note: You will be responsible for replacing lost or damaged backup drives.
  • How do students take notes on uploaded documents that they're reading for homework?

    Documents like hand-outs or readers scanned as OCR (Object Character Recognition) can be edited using the "Preview" application native on Apple OS X. All the student laptops have the "Preview" application installed that can be used to view and annotate PDFs.
  • Can students access the Student Dashboard (Google e-mail system) from any other computer?

    Yes, the easiest way to get to it is to go to the school website Then, on the top right-hand corner of our home page, and click on "Prep Mail."
  • What does the annual laptop program technology fee cover?

    The cost of the laptop program is spread over four years and families pay an annual laptop technology fee (estimated now at $580/year).

    The annual laptop program technology fee covers the cost of purchasing the laptop, a generous suite of software, protective laptop cases, extended warranties and support, and external backup hard drives for all incoming freshmen. The fee also covers the networking infrastructure, administration (summer re-imaging with latest updates) and loaner-pool costs.

    Families may opt out of the school‐purchase plan if they have other ways of acquiring an Apple computer of equal or superior specifications. Families who choose this option will be assessed an annual technology fee (estimated now at $100/year) to cover a share of the program infrastructure, start‐up, administration, and loaner‐pool costs.

For questions about paying the annual laptop program technology fee, please contact the business office.
  • Why do students need to carry their laptops back and forth from school everyday? Their backpacks are already so heavy!

    Our faculty have planned very thoughtful and inventive ways of incorporating the use of the student laptops to support our curricula. The laptops are needed to access teacher websites and digital readers, view schedule changes on our student portal as well as a myriad of other digitally inclined activities. Momentum for their use in other activities and classes will build as the school year progresses.

    We understand that the laptops do add ~3 lbs of weight to student backpacks, but if you consider that some textbooks that are now being replaced by digital versions on the laptop weigh anywhere from 3 to 7+ lbs, this weight exchange is actually to the benefit of our students backpack load. We also encourage students to use their lockers and to be mindful of only bringing what is necessary for the school day.
  • How do I get the laptop serial number and a copy of the purchase invoice in order to add the student laptop to my homeowner's or renter's insurance policy?

    The laptop serial # is listed on the physical bottom of the laptop. It can also be found through Apple > About This Mac > More Info > Serial Number (system).

    For a copy of the purchase invoice with your laptop highlighted, please contact the Technology Department at
  • Can parents monitor and control the use of the laptop?

    Yes, parents should feel free to implement any kind of filters or parental control software they see fit to help control and monitor the use of the laptops. Parents should be careful not to limit or block any applications or web sites needed for school work.
  • What's the availability of tech folks to students for help and consultation?

    The Tech Team is available to help students throughout the day. Our Tech Support office is generally open from from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and students should feel free to drop in anytime.

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